Shot Blasting and Priming

Shot blasting and priming is used to prevent your steel being damaged by wind and water. Norsk Stål has many modern shot blasting and priming machines.

We shot blast in accordance to ISO 8501 SA 2 ½ as standard, and apply a standard grey zinc shop primer with film thickness 20 ± 5 µ m as standard.

Machine Capacity:
Width max 2 500 mm
Height max 450 mm

Surface finish Sa 2.5 guaranteed from 5 mm upwards.

Plates under 5 mm are not guaranteed surface roughness of Sa 2.5.

Plates and profiles below 5mm are supplied without surface and shape guarantees.

Smaller figures and profiles are run on grids and this can sometimes result in smaller parties without primer.

Shot blasting and priming is performed according to: ISO 10238:2009