Customised cutting of lengths and angles, to help you save time!

We perform 1 500 cuts per day with a wide array of different qualities and specifications. Our machines handle everything from cutting angles in the largest beams to large series of straight cuts. Precision cutting significantly can simplify the construction in your production.

Band Saw:
Beams, tubes and sections
Width maximum: 1000 mm
Height maximum: 500 mm

Up to 400 mm width: 0-60° 
Between 400 – 600 mm width: 0-45°
Between 600 – 1000 mm width: Only straight cuts
(width is according to how the material is placed when cutting)

Automatic Cutting:
Automatic cutting for large series
Largest sections (square) 450 mm, or diameter (tubes) 450 mm
With automatic cutting we can only perform straight cuts

Cutting is performed according to NS-EN 1090-2:2018 Table B6 Class 1 for straight cuts and Class 2 for angles.