Edge grinding

Norsk Stål performs edge grinding as a preparation to the requirements for the surface treatment associated with shot blasting and priming, which increase the longevity of the product. We can edge grind everything from beams to profiles (e.g. HEB, HEA, UNP, IPE and UPE beams)

The fully automatic machine has a large capacity for edge grinding, which removes sharp edges.

Sharp edges, fillets, corners and welds shall be rounded or smoothened by grinding to grade P3 as defined in ISO 8501-3 (minimum radius 2 mm) – «breaking» of edges is not permitted by the standard.
- NORSOK standard M-501, Ed. 6, Feb 2012, section 6.1

These requirements are especially important in areas with high risk for corrosion, such as ship-, oil- and gas industry, docks and harbours, bridge- and railway structures, in addition to certain technical conditions for building steel fabrications in the construction industry.

The machine maintains the safety- and environmental concerns according to rules and regulation, in addition to our strict internal requirements of working conditions.